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Jeff Crompton
Saxophonist / Clarinetist / Composer
Jeff Crompton was born in Atlanta in 1958. For 30 years, beginning in 1982, he taught public school band in the Atlanta area. During that period, he played with a variety of bands and musicians, including pianist/composer Michael J. Smith, Darryl Rhoades, and The Bazooka Ants, a free jazz/funk trio. Since retiring from teaching, Jeff has focused on composition and performing his off-center, jazz- based music around the Southeast. More recent musical associates include guitarists Davey Williams and Eugene Chadbourne, Roger Ruzow, and The 4th Ward Afro- Klezmer Orchestra, In 2019 Jeff was featured as guest soloist with Godspeed You! Black Emperor at their Atlanta show. He currently leads: Three Way Mirror, a sax / bass / congas trio The Edgewood Saxophone Trio (their Snake Nation album made several “best of the year” lists in Atlanta) Standard Practice, a trio that performs jazz standards in an adventurous way
Besides those albums listed under “Recordings,” Jeff has played on: 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra - East Atlanta Passover Stomp 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra - Abdul the Rabbi Rev. Fred Lane - Icepick to the Moon Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel - 10 Scott Hooker & Janna Nelson - Standard Deviation Darryl Rhoades - Better Dead Than Mellow (aka Darryl Rhoades and the Mighty Mighty Men from Glad) Darryl Rhoades - No Glove No Love Darryl Rhoades - Raparations Darryl Rhoades - Weapons of Mass Deception Darryl Rhoades - Teenagers in Heat Darryl Rhoades - The Last Goodbye David Greenberger and Prime Lens - Good Perspective Only Thieves - A Light, Left On Noot d’ Noot - Goofer Dust Diamond Lil - Verve, Vigor and Vim Ten Fat Years - Live at Fat Matt’s (with the Chilly Willy Blues Band)